A dashboard for all your hotel data

  It began with a problem. The average hotel has ten systems that enable their day-to-day operations—PMS, POS, credit card processing, channel management, social media tools. These systems collect loads of amazing data. Yet there’s no quick and easy way to look at that data. Instead, the general manager or revenue manager spends hours finding and collecting data with the hopes of gathering basic business intelligence. Why? It’s 2015. It should be easy for hotels to understand their data and to make intelligent and informed decisions for their business. How can SnapShot work for you? SnapShot looks deceptively simple, but is infinitely powerful. Link it up with your preexisting systems and get instant insight into your operations that will enable you to make better decisions, faster. Revolutionize your hotel today, free of charge.

It’s a simple prospect- to be able to manage your data, easily and effectively.

Who is SnapShot? Backed by years of experience in hospitality and hotel tech, David Turnbull, founder of Yeeld Solutions, and Michael Heinze, creator of HSBi and hetras, came together to create the first comprehensive Hotel Analytics of its kind. With board members like citizenM's Michael Levie and Lennert De Jong, and investments by STR, STR Global, and including a second round of 25 million euros via Shiji Networks, SnapShot was destined to innovate. It’s been an amazing start, but we’re just getting warmed up. It’s time to make Big Data work for hotels of every size. Stay tuned to watch the story unfold. ­

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