AccessPoint Hospitality Group

Creating food & hospitality service experiences that exceed guest expectations We consult with new and existing restaurants of all sizes and in all locations to drive sales and satisfaction levels by focusing on delivering an authentic and unique guest experience. It all starts with an initial assessment of strengths and weaknesses, then going to work to accentuate and build guest memories. Our experienced team of hospitality and food industry consultants are uniquely positioned to help you grow, define, and promote your brand in a way that is effective and profitable. We will help you differentiate yourself from your competitors, build loyalty and excitement in your community, and deliver value that is meaningful to your current and future customers. Additionally, restaurant suppliers call on us to make key product placements via introductions to select restaurants and hotels where there is the opportunity to create special guest experiences in particular locations and operations.  


Products & Services

  • Consulting Service
  • Hotel Consulting
  • Hospitality Consulting
  • Restaurant Marketing

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