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"Russian Caviar House UAE", General info: We are the only legal importers of the authentic black Russian caviar, which comes from the Siberian Ossetra (Sturgeon) for the UAE and GCC area. Aside from legality, quality of our product is unmatched on the current GCC market (which has been confirmed by numerous executive chefs and caviar experts on many occasions, most recent are Seafex 2015 and SIAL 2015). We are supplying hotels, restaurants and few selected retail spots throughout the GCC area. With our head office and showroom located in Dubai, we are in the perfect position to reach any part of middle east with our product. Unique thing about us is the availability of home delivery which our clients greatly appreciate! Why our caviar?

  • Legal product (every tin or glass jar comes with the CITES sticker)
  • Quality and taste are unmatched
  • No additives or taste enhancers, only caviar and small amount of salt ( around 3 %)
  • Preserve the Sturgeon population! We don't kill our fish, special milking technique is used to stimulate fish to release the caviar. After procedure fish is returned to the river unharmed.
  • One of the oldest fish stocks in the whole world (our top product, Imperial Caviar, comes from the King ossetra that is more than 15 years old), in that regard caviar is similar to wine, older the fish, better the taste.
  • Location of our aquaculture farm is in the northern part of Russia, Vologda region, far away from any industrial pollution. River Suda is barred with cages on both ends while the fish is in the middle. With the flowing water we are mimicking natural habitat which is always better solution compared to the indoor farming.

For more information on products please visit our website or contact me directly via e-mail or phone. Best Regards Marko Perunovic - Account Manager Russian Caviar House UAE  

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