DAG Style

DAG Style is the Italian company leader in the production of menu holders and table accessories, boards and easels. The company, following the fashion trends through a careful search for materials and high quality finishes, brings the style on the tables of all the world, decorating them with design furniture details and great personality.

Selected and awarded for its eco-orientation and functionality, DAG Style transforms the classical concept of menu holder. As a matter of fact, if in the past it was considered a pure item of support, used to contain the list of the dishes, now it has been playing a leading role, symbol of hospitality, able to give a touch of style in the place it has been showed. Thanks to the matching with fashion, design and environmental awareness, in the production of menu holders and table accessories, the company has succeeded in distinguishing itself from its competitors, becoming leader in the sector.

Products & Services

  • Menu Creation
  • Custom Menu Board
  • Menu Board Solutions
  • Hotel Menu Accessories
  • Restaurant Menu

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