Bakerycafe S.r.l.

Bakery Cafe LAB is the brainchild of four founding members who come from decades of experience in the furnishing of public places industry. The result that comes out is the fusion of different but complementary experiences at the service of a new innovative company, different from all the existing ones in the industry, which provides the customer modern design, high quality product and the lowest price in the market.

Products & Services

  • Cases & Bar Counters
  • Catering Equipments
  • Drop-ins
  • Drop-in Units
  • Shelf Systems
  • Contemporary Furniture
  • Bar Restaurant Furniture
  • Pizza Counters
  • Cold Display
  • Bar Accessoires
  • Back Bar Storage
  • Bar-furniture
  • Cafe Design
  • Celle Refrigerate
  • Banchi Bar Refrigerati
  • Bakery Refrigeration Systems
  • Display Cabinets
  • Counter Top
  • Bar Counters

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