Svenska BakePartner AB Is a company with passion for pizza, founded 1992, family owned and specializing in productions of deck ovens. We have since the start delivered our ovens to more than 100 countries and are continuously growing thanks to our loyal customers. The key to our success has been a very deep passion not only for our ovens but also for the product that is baked in them. We develop, produce and market our great ovens with a vision that reach much further than supplying the world with the best pizza ovens, Our product range consist of PizzaMaster (pizza ovens) and BakePartner (bakery ovens) and is the largest electric deck oven series in the world with 80 different sizes and with more than 1,000 available combinations. The company vision is, “Making PizzaMaster® the global leading brand for pizza ovens and to be a driving force for developing and making the Italian pizza culture globally accessible for everyone to enjoy” Our logo “New Solutions – Old Traditions” embodies this philosophy to take care about the great Italian food traditions with the help of modern technology that comes with our ovens. When you read this I hope that you understand how deep our passion is for our ovens, the product they bake and off course for you our highly valued customer.

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