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"Where are all the really great sipping rums?" Andrew Troyer, Founder of ARÔME Spirits, has spent his career in the luxury automotive and luxury yachting market.  This experience is evident in the design and quality of ARÔME 28, his first aged spirit release.  Focusing on exceptional quality and creating an unforgettable experience is the mission ARÔME Spirits.  Andrew's journey to create ARÔME began with searching for the most amazing aged rum.  This led him to an iconic Cuban-born and trained rum mastero with over 50 years of experience distilling, aging, and blending rum. Utilizing the expertise of the rum master and reserve of aged rum in Panama.  Utilizing the 50+ years of the rum mastero's experience, the blend was perfected and ARÔME 28 created.  Andrew believed that the presentation should compliment the quality of the rum inside the bottle, and so the creation of the bottle design, gift box, and even the label required a high level of attention to detail, an eye for contemporary design, and persistence.  It was a work of passion that took several years to complete in order to produce a product he could be proud of and stand behind. 

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