MunchMoney is a mobile loyalty and marketing platform that is reinventing how people interact with fast casual restaurants. We help our users save money each time they visit one of our restaurant partners, as well as provide restaurants access to game-changing benefits. Imagine, having your customers pay you upfront for their visits a week, a month or more from now. Our platform does just that; we enable users to load funds into brand specific accounts where they can access all of their favorite eats in one place while seeing their rewards and incentives. For the restaurant, our platform provides partners while upfront cash, actionable customer & industry insights and increased gross revenue (approx. 20%). MunchMoney provides greater success by capturing a larger dollar amount per user, guaranteeing additional visits and motivating increases spending. No cost to join, no long-term contracts, minimal employee training. At MunchMoney we are dedicated to providing the most value to our users and restaurant partners.

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