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Our family lived in a small Canarian villages in Tenerife,Valle San Lorenzo &  Vento en Arona for over 10 years and been visiting the Island for over 35 years. Tenerife  also has a special place in my heart as it's  the birthplace of my on Son.   We returned to the U.K sadly and reluctantly due to the recession leaving family and friends. I missed my life so much and wanted to keep my connections and to share with others what reminded me most about Tenerife.I realised quickly that it was the Canarian dips which sums up to me a great atmosphere in small bars enjoying simple homemade food and the company of family and friends. My mission was to offer A Taste of Sunshine with my Spanishy dips to remind people of a special Spanishy memory and the sunshine of course.   I hope you enjoy them also and that  they make you smile as they do for me. check out our website for serving suggestions,recipes &blog and other Spanishy products

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