Jane Milton Ltd

I help food businesses make the connections they need and get in front of the people that can best help their business make the next key move. 

Deborah Meaden describes me as '...an advisor and an investor in some of my food businesses...ahead of the game.'

To enable me to work with businesses all across the UK and beyond we have developed our online programmes to help you called The Food Business Growth Programme. It also will network you with others in the industry and give you live time with me in regular Q&A sessions. 

I am renowned in the food industry and have a strong network of contacts with specific food industry expertise from production to finance, from photography to law. 

I sit on the Boards of a number of food businesses, networking for them, making connections and advising the businesses to help them get ahead faster. 

I work with innovators and established brands as well as retailers developing strategies and helping them create products, bringing them to life in order to WOW customers.

I am a recognised expert at assisting businesses from overseas to understand the UK market, and how best they can access that with their products, or how they will have to adapt these to exploit the most profitable markets. I have been Certified by Switzerland Global Enterprise for this work and work in a number of other markets too, advising businesses.

I am a member of the Guild of Food Writers, a published author, my Mexican cookery books have sold over 100,000 copies and continues to be republished. My writing includes trade articles and in-depth sector reports.

“Working with Jane Milton has been a great pleasure. It has been an amazing interaction from the start. Jane is one of the most professional people and her positive approach and huge experience contributes a lot to projects. Her introductions are always helpful and spot on.
Agnes Gabriel-Damaz
MD, The Polish Bakery


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