The Casasola Refrigeration brand is mainly known for the quality of the products and the customized refrigerated cases. Being a member of the Tekno Group Holding, we are particularly fit in the store furnishing field.

The growing demand led us to the investment of a new factory in Sz?d, Hungary. Actually the “partially industrialized” production is going on in 5000 m² area, which will soon extended by another 4000 m².

The work experience of 35 years led us to develop new technologies, especially in air-circulation systems, until reaching the result of optimizing performance with significant energy savings.

All our products are strictly tested with an almost fanatical search for maximum performance. Comparative tests have proved the validity of our products.

All our products are tested in accordance with climate performance in reference to European standards UNI-ISO 23953-2 Class 3 (+25 ° C – 60% U), and are also tested according to safety standards EN 60335-1, EN 60 335 – 2-89

The new artisan-industrial mix led to further improvement of our products, reducing the manufacturing cost, allows us the access to a more demanding and also large market, where we can rival all the competitors of our product range.

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