Welcome to the site CFPARKER, leader in the production of stoves.
CFPARKER is in fact a well-known and established brand in the market for over 50 years, its production has been greatly expanded by adding to the wide range of gas stoves, barbecues and electric stoves for domestic and camping use, a large line of products for restaurants and for the marine sector.
CFPARKER projects and builds its equipment fully making use of a laboratory to test the reliability and complete security that the sector requires.
The high qualitative standards achieved throughout the production cycle have enabled CFPARKER and its products to obtain ISO9001 certification and IQNET certification.
The passion for innovation has led the line of nautical stoves fully in stainless steel, characterized by the balancing cooking surface.
Competence of staff, customer service, careful selection of materials and design make CFPARKER a recognized leader in the production of industrial stoves for professional cooks.

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