Comi Pak is an Italian company which has been operating for over 20 years in the packaging field and is specialized in the design and production of MADE IN ITALY clipping and twist-tying machines for closing bags mainly in the food industry.

We supply small laboratories as well as big industries, from small to big food producers (bakeries, confectioneries, dairies… for bakery and leavened products, pasta...) as well as manufacturers of automatic packaging machines, automatic bagging machines, bread slicing machines, blowers, intermittent conveyors, twist and clip consumables, preformed bags.

Any company that needs to close bags with a clip or a twist is a potential customer for Comi Pak.
Comi Pak designs and produces machines that automatically apply a closure to bags in order to guarantee preservation and freshness of the bag’s contents and machines which quickly and safely form bundles of different thicknesses.
Range is composed of manual, semi-automatic and completely automatic machines, all designed to be integrated or installed into packaging lines, in combination with form-fill and seal machines, with flow-pack machines, with bagging machines, in line.

Products & Services

  • Clipping Machines
  • Twist-tie Machines
  • Packaging Machines

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