Co.Pro. S.p.A.- Cooling Production was founded in 1998 from an idea of its President- eng. Mario Conti- almost 30 experienced in one of the biggest Italian Appliances Group, who made the refrigeration his own philosophy, one life dedicated to the cold,  so that to build up an avanguarded firm, in the province of Caserta-Italy. The internal drawing area, the young team, the specialization of range of products, the particular attention to the clients needs, all of this gives guarantee of low time to market. An exclusive range based on the requirements of the consumers, we give you the opportunity to choose the model, the colour and details, the rest we make it.

We ensure availability, efficiency of young and dynamic team, our know how and the certifications of our quality .

A way to find products, brochures, specifications and save them into collections on the platform.

Once its Ready we’ll let you know.

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