INNOVA is a dynamic company that manufactures ice-cream machines at modern, spacious premises in Cerete near Bergamo. The company handles the entire production cycle, from initial planning to the development and testing of innovative models. The machines are built using prime materials by a team of highly qualified operators with a thorough knowledge of and many years’ experience with precision mechanics, developed by the Benzoni Group to which INNOVA belongs. All the stages of the process are regulated and controlled by the rigorous requirements of TÜV certification, a guarantee that all the machines feature excellent construction and superior quality.   INNOVA places great importance on seeking new designs to give continuity to the evolution and innovation of all its models. This is achieved by:
  • attributing great importance to the design stage, which calls for passion, energy and skill;
  • seeking excellent quality standards with the use of highly efficient and functional materials to guarantee top performance in terms of output and reliability;
  • conducting product research and development to optimise performance in terms of energy saving.
  INNOVA is a highly-dependable company with a proficient team of workers dedicated to assisting those who seek a truly superior quality ice-cream. Fully aware that requirements change, yet the taste of a good ice-cream must always reflect nature, freshness and the maker’s passion, INNOVA provides ice-cream makers with machines that encourage them to develop new creations and experiment with different flavours. INNOVA exports its products all over the world thanks to the features of its ice-cream machines. INNOVA invites you to visit its production plant and talk to the team, or to drop in at its stand at any of the leading trade fairs.

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  • Ice Cream Machines
  • Merry Cream Machine

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