For over 50 years ITALMODULAR have been helping companies and their people organize and improve the way they work, with an injection of passion, technology, quality and reliability. This is a business that has unfailingly offered its services to customers as a reliable partner in designing highly innovative modular systems and solutions to rationalize and organize storage space within any workplace. Due to the experience gained, their continuous investments in technology and human resources and their international customer support service, the company now emerges as a solid benchmark wherever factors such as innovation, quality and service are of the essence. A highly efficient combination that steers Italmodular's efforts towards innovative and totally reliable solutions capable of consistently meeting and exceeding the many and varied demands of each customer.


Products & Services

  • Modular Shelving - Scaffalatura Modulare
  • Slant Shelves Trolley - Carrello Espositore
  • Modular Truck - Carrello Modulare
  • Dunnage Rack - Pedana
  • Multiservice Trolley - Carrelllo Multiservizio
  • Overhead Rail System - Guidovia
  • Framework - Incastellatura

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