Smart Ice Italy differs from other companies to offer the possibility to produce customized refrigerated products that will satisfy every customer's needs. 

The equipment is original and exclusive: designed according to the needs of the private, decorator or designer, they are completely customizable in both form and materials. Custom tailoring is an activity that entails a lot of energy and effort, which is why many companies do not offer this service. Smart Ice Italy is one of the few brands in Italy to do it and make it possible to decorate every space.

Quality goes far beyond the concept of conformity and adequacy, it is viewed as a management system: in fact, the key principle is the customer's focus and satisfaction. This is the strong point of Smart Ice Italy so that operational flexibility is considered to be the top competitive advantage to ensure a highly differentiated offer. 

Refrigerated cabinets, special projects, wine cabinets and refrigerated modules are studied in the smallest details. An expert team is ready to provide you with your experience to understand and meet your needs

Products & Services

  • Drop-in Units
  • Refrigeration Equipment
  • Wine Coolers
  • Refrigerated Cabinets

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