At Alto-Shaam, we’ve pioneered the solutions that are essential to profitable foodservice and retail operations for more than 60 years. We pride ourselves on our rich history of cooking firsts. Our customers trust us to provide services and products that are reliable and exceptionally useful. Key innovations include the invention of Halo Heat® technology to hold hot food. Halo Heat eventually led to the creation of the Cook & Hold oven, a revolutionary cooking method that created better quality food and reduced labor. Alto-Shaam also introduced combination convection-steamer ovens in the U.S. Alto-Shaam continues to innovate in the foodservice industry by continuously improving products to meet customer needs and increase customers' return on investment. With a core business in primary cooking equipment, Alto-Shaam offers an expanded product portfolio that includes award-winning Combitherm® combi ovens, Xcelerate® Hi-Speed ovens, Halo Heat cook & hold ovens, smoker ovens, heated holding technologies, heated display and merchandising solutions, QuickChiller™ rapid chill units, FryTech™ high-efficiency fryers, rotisserie ovens, convection ovens, and drop-in heated and refrigerated wells. Alto-Shaam is also the industry leader in providing integrated food production systems for cook/chill, banqueting and rethermalization applications. In addition to the Culinary Institute, an in-house test and training kitchen staffed by four full-time chefs, Alto-Shaam has more than 60 demo kitchens and many more authorized service agencies located in the U.S. and globally. Along with the corporate office and factory facilities in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, Alto-Shaam has also established a global presence with offices in Canada, China, France and Germany. Alto-Shaam has additional distributors in more than 50 countries offering equipment sales, service and parts.

Products & Services

  • Cook And Hold Cabinets
  • Drop-in Units
  • Vector Multi-cook Ovens
  • Smoker Oven
  • Thermal Shelves & Carving Stations
  • Rotisserie
  • Combi Oven
  • Blast Chillers Shock Freezers
  • Convection Combo Ovens
  • Heated Holding & Transport Carts
  • Heated Shelf Merchandiser

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