The ceramic company ASA was founded in Höhr-Grenzhausen , Germany , by designer Yvonne Schubkegel and is now one of the leaders in the industry . With new innovations , the company covers markets worldwide and operates in over 80 countries , partly with own offices represented . The recipe for success of the founder is the focus on a consequent philosophy of " clear shapes and colors " from the outset . Unconventional and without flourish , a feeling for trends and Zeitgeist , so the collections distinguish and enjoy an excellent reputation . The ASA Selection product line stands for modern design . For authentic products in the areas of life and living kitchen . Identification mark , across all product lines , is the consistently simple ASA Selection formal language .   Die ASA Selection Produktlinie steht für modernes Design. Für authentische Produkte in den Lebensbereichen Küche und Wohnen. Unverwechselbares Kennzeichen, über alle Produktlinien hinweg, ist die konsequent schlichte ASA Selection Formensprache.

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  • Ceramic Tea Pots

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