Food Service Equipment

Many say that the kitchen is the backbone for any foodservice operation – hotels, cafes, restaurants, coffee shops and more. This is a list of commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers for any foodservice operation. Looking to find the best fryer, the best grill or industrial refrigerator – you won't have trouble any longer browsing through this list of businesses.

A/S Wodschow & Co.

Mixers for a hundred years and counting In 1915, Palle Hoff Wodschow founded the company that was to become world famous for being ‘Strong as a BEAR’....


Solutions for Pastry Shops


The ACF experience in the field of industrial cooling allow to create systems for cooling dedicated to the industry of the Bakery products, Confectionary and Gastronomy...


Culligan is the ideal provider of global solutions for water treatment. The Culligan brand is the most famous in the industry, for the experience of all types...