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If you own or work in a business that reaches out to restaurants or other hospitality establishments, listing your business and products or services in the search database is the best way to be found online by your exact target audience.

If you own or work in a restaurant or other F&B establishment use the restaurant builder to save anything of interest into a personal collection. If you ever had that feeling where you dont remember what company or product you had in mind, search for them here and save them to never forget again.


Some Quick Tips for Business Listings

  • Keep your featured image size small so your page loads fast
  • Best Fit for your featured image is 1440x700
  • Brief of your company is what makes your business stand out, this is usually short and delivers your message to your audience.
  • Add your location on Maps - Plug in your Latitude and Longitude from Google Maps 
  • The products or services you provide are what your audience will type in the search bar to find you
  • If you provide a product or service not listed in the database, please press Tab in place of enter to submit in the text box.
  • Plug in your social information to make it easy for anyone to connect with you.


Some Quick Tips for Those Browsing Scabrou

  • Create an account to be able to interact with any of the business listings on Scabrou.
  • You can have multiple businesses in multiple collections you create.
  • If you dont find a search term type in your email address in the search box and well notify you when something comes up.

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