Smart Search Results with Enterprise


There are over 100 searches a day on Scabrou - 3,000 businesses listed, and over 6,000 keywords to search from.

Some of the businesses created or curated have the same keyword products on their business page. With the Enterprise program, your class attribute for each keyword is given a higher ranking in the search results bar vs those businesses not running an enterprise program - this has been done with the help of integrating Algolia.


Here is more documentation on how this works.


How it works on Business Pages


On Signup - any new user is prompted to include what keywords (products) he or she is interested. We turn those insights into action by then delivering stronger impressions whenever that user is searching through the platform in order to deliver the right business profile to the right person.

In the case that a user is not logged in then our internal ranking metric delivers impressions according to the subscription that the business is signed up to.


Your keywords along with business name will be ranked higher then other business pages with every letter typed in by your potential audience across the site.


Other options further delivered with the Outreach Program

  • Sponsored Business Listing  by keywords
  • News on your business page


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Note: you can own a stellar business profile with a freely created business page

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