More about Audience Re-targeting in Outreach


In this area you will be able to boost impressions of your business page matching products and services of any other business across the entire database.




What does that mean?


Let's say you have someone who is searching for 'Chefs Uniform' - in some use cases, it may very well be a chef whos searching for uniform manufacturers or a supplier may also be looking for i.e. a 'combi oven'.

If your business sells cooking equipment such as 'combi ovens' - you may very well want to target your business to show on business pages which have products such as 'Chefs uniforms'.


This has a vast amount of applications in many different use cases. What's important for your business is to create groups of potential searchers/customers who may be looking for products and services other than yours, however, may have an interest in what you manufacture or provide.


With Audience match keywords you can expand your business page's impressions outside the direct search query results for your products and services.


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